Monday, June 05, 2006

[LIF] Con Man Strikes Again!

You might remember that last year we were taken by a con man. I just got the sad news that another Ontario Vineyard has had the misfortune of this guys visit. Luckily we have a picture now, unluckily he stole a check from them and forged himself a grand. This guy was very good, took a PAOC church before us and could talk the "church lingo" wherever he went.

If you see him don't hesitate to inform the police. We have a case open on him and now there is one down Toronto ways. His MO was that he came into the country and was robbed at the airport, lost his ID. He is super friendly and talks a up a storm. He made several fake phone calls from our place, and even had someone call for him. So he is likely not working alone. I don't think he is dangerous, except to your pocket book. The odd things all really added up after he had disappeared.

The ironic part is that he never really took anything from us that we wouldn't have given if he'd asked. Sure we wouldn't have been too happy about him running up a hotel bill like he did, but it was only money. When I got news of this I was sad again, not so much that he ripped off my brother (which does make me sad) but that he is still caught up in a web of sin. How sad is someone who has to prey on the people who only want to give? If you do nab him, please let me know.


Joshua Ritchie said...

Dude, that stinks!

One of Freedom said...

Yeah I know. I am hoping to make sure he has limited ability to continue doing this to others. It broke my heart that he got my friends in Thornhill - they are like the most giving people you would ever meet. When I told my mentor about this he told me you are not a pastor until someone rips you off - nice eh. He has an odd sense of humour, but that is why we love him.