Monday, June 12, 2006

[THO] The fighting continues for the WTC!

Over at the World Theology Cup it is getting nasty!

Schillebeeckx lost to a theologian with two Zeds in his name???
Frei narrated his own victory against ecofeminist McFague!
Jenson showed the East what’s what!
But Küng and Gutierrez fought fiercly, with Liberation spelling victory for Gutierrez! What a match that was, the crowd was on the edge of their seat at every vote. There will be more dynamite matches like that one in the future we can be assured!

More matches underway as Daly fights for her life. Round 2 is underway, you predict who will emerge victorious on this field of battle!

[UPDATE] Breaking news, satellite imagery has revealed a lone supporter of Mary Daly deep in the woods near Syndney, Australia! A team of reporters has been dispatched but have only found huge hordes of deadly koalas in that area. Suprisingly each of these cute but deadly bears was sporting a copy of Pure Lust, the special outback leatherbound edition. What could this all mean?

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