Tuesday, June 27, 2006

[FUN] Still Awaiting the final results

Moltmann is holding his ground with Congar in a fierce battle.
Ratzinger has called in his secret Swiss Infiltration units to boost his votes almost guaranteeing his win against Gutierrez. This was almost as unexpected as the Spanish Inquisition!

As we await these games to be called two other matches have begun.

Rahner has taken to the pitch against Torrance. Rahner is a veritable juggernaut who is used to being taken on in the theological arena, just ask Metz! Currently he is wiping the floor with Torrances shiny white collar!

Jüngel has thrown down with Reinhold, who says I'm lesser now punk, Niebuhr! You can bet he will help Jüngel to accept the things he cannot change in this showdown!

Updates to follow.

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