Monday, June 12, 2006

[LIF] Bibliophile

I made a new friend through the blogosphere, Kenny. I would recommend highly his post on Pope's article about Nietzsche that was posted on Mark Driscoll's blog. He captures much of what I was getting at with my post about prooftexting, at least in how Christians improperly use source materials.

Kenny is a self-declared bibliophile, a lover of books. I must admit that books are a passion of mine as well. I think he does a better job of reading them, I seem to do a great job of collecting them but a horrible job of reading them. I would be ashamed to say what portion of my growing library (500+ volumes when I counted it last year) I have actually read. You might have noticed the Library Thing link, that is merely a selection of some of the more interesting titles in my collection.

Well I finally took Kenny's advice and visited Benjamin books in the Rideau Centre. I was walking home from a gig playing for a urban mission I really love and dropped in on this wonderful little store. They had The Lonergan Reader for $9, I might have to return for that one. I couldn't resist Paul Ricoeur's "The Rule of Metaphor". I love Ricoeur as a theologian so I am sure I will appreciate his philosophy, after all he really is a philosopher. Thanks for the tip Kenny. Keep your hands off that Lonergan Reader!

The other odd little book I picked up recently is "The History and Social Influence of the Potatoe". It was at our church yard sale and I laughed so hard I had to buy it. So cool.


kenny said...

Frank, glad to be of service! But, as my MA supervisor reminds me, I may be doing a diservice to your wallet. I hunt those cheap books down like a [insert metaphor]. When I tell him about them, he knows he "needs" them, but laments the ever-growning Polyphemus his library has become. If I ever get a library room, that'd be a good name for it! Enter Polyphemus brave Odysseus!

One of Freedom said...

You know my secret fantasy is to have a library room. I had a dream once that we had this really funky house, you climbed up stairs onto a round stage that was closed in by curtains, rich red velvet curtains. Behind them in this octagonal room were those shelves with the ladders, all rich dark wood. And there in the midst was our bed - a big ole bed with rich red comforters. Also there were nice leather sitting chairs. I would love that room - not sure if Sharon would be into it. But she is letting me put a small bookshelf in our master bedroom. We are going to remove the dresser and desk to make a reading area for me. Somewhere to hide out away from TV and internet.

Kenny said...

Yeah man, I have delusions of grandeur thinking about a library. My MA supervisor has a nice one at his place. I'm thinking dark dark wood, complimented by a kick-ass reading chair, with the sweet aroma of my humidor allowing a temptuous taste of Havana to inffect my books! :)