Sunday, June 18, 2006

[FUN] Moltmann Rocks!

While I was worshipping in church, our dedicated theologians were pit in battle on the pitch!
Pannenberg ripped Brunner a new one! Although his victory dance left much to be desired.
Lubac pummelled Ebeling into submission!
In the main arenas crowds were screaming as Moltmann showed Torrence what depth is all about!
And Cone bowed to the awesome force that is Dorothee Sölle! The cries of her faithful feminist supporters rivalled anything we have heard so far in this contest. After she took her place in the fan box for Ruether who is about to give the Bishop of Rome more than he bargained for.
Also beginning their contest on this day of worship we have Hick about to face the Jüngel! It remains doubtful that Hick will emerge from this contest.
Tracy is up against Balthasar, many an RC fanboy has had a tough time deciding who to root for this day.
Congar is about to decimate Boff!

As always we have all the updates soon as they come in!

In a shocking turn of events, two of yesterdays matchups were cancelled. Somehow the jugdes had made an oversight and duplicated an earlier matchup. Screams of "foul" and "you wouldn't have this problem if you had a woman on the board!" Were heard from some of the more extreme supporters of Ruether (thankfully the more level heads realized that this error really had nothing to do with gender). Ratzinger was escorted off the field after blindly swinging away in his match, trying once again to make a stand for Rome.

The corrected matchups began right away:
Ruether is going to show us what a woman can do with the Jüngel!
And Ratzinger was relieved to be facing a less formidable opponent.

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