Friday, June 09, 2006

[THO] World Cup of Modern Systematic Theologians

I am really enjoying the matches over at Patrik's blog. It just cracks me up that he would think of doing this. Moltmann all the way baby! I'll have to run a commentary at some point. I must admit I know about 1/4 of the theologians listed, yikes. I've been wiki'ing the ones I've never heard of which is really fun. Always looking for a Tübingen connection!

First round was amazing!
Gunton suprisingly upset Kasper!
Yoder presented a fine showing against heavyweight Tillich, but not strong enough!
Rahner, the crowd favourite trounced the lesser Niebuhr!
Daly really couldn't hold he own against Nygren (I must admit to moving on the the exciting Rahner-Niebuhr contest myself).
Ebeling proved that the master can overtake the teacher!
and as expected Pannenburg was kicking it oldschool over Lubac who was an early game favourite.

Anything can happen as the Freedom Log favourite as entered the playing field. I predict Moltmann and Sölle will dominate for team (Pseudo)-Dionysios!

Moltmann! Moltmann! Moltmann! Moltmann!
I'd call him the dominator, but that would just be wrong considering his theology. But Moltmann did not dissappoint his fans as he soundly smote Cone. (Sorry Cone but you didn't stand a chance against this heavy weight).
Unfortunatly Molty's running mate Dorothy Sölle did not manage to win, but she put in a good fight. (Obviously eloquence did not count enough in this match up!)
von Balthasar defeated Congar, I would have voted for Congar but Balthasar is just too much of a hip Battlestar Galactica worthy name! Damn my fickle voting patterns.
In other news Tracy boffed Boff.
The Ratz boy proved once again the papal annoyance at feminist theologians as he spanked the ever powerful Rosemary Radford Ruether with ever un-Pope-like behaviour.
And voters clearly showed that the would prefer to be in the Jüngel rather than in Hickville. Can't say as I blame them.

This is getting tense folks, almost every participant has been on the field once. Head on over to see the excitement for yourself. The big question on everyones mind is how Kung will fare on the liberation front, I predict this one will not be pretty!


byron said...

Hi Frank - always enjoy seeing your face round the Blogosphere. If you've never picked up Gunton, I'd highly recommend diving in almost anywhere. Try some essays from The Promise of Trinitarian Theology or The One, the Three and the Many.

One of Freedom said...

I am a big fan of Trinitarian theology, hence the vote for Kasper. I'll have to take you up on that. Thanks for dropping by Byron.

byron said...

Hey, now that you've expanded your post, thought I'd say a little more - such as 'LOL'.


Keep it up - in Australia there are some famous comedic sports commentators who are often better than the game.