Monday, June 19, 2006

[FUN] Standings So Far

The battle for Modern Systematic Theological supremacy continues! Here is a friendly reminder of the standings so far.

Jürgen Moltmann 9 +52
Karl Rahner 9 +50
Wolfhart Pannenberg 9 +40
Robert W. Jenson 6 +35
Hans Urs von Balthasar 6 +26
Colin Gunton 9 +23
John Zizioulas 6 +17
Ebehard Jüngel 6 +16
Reinhold Niebuhr 6 +15
Joseph Ratzinger 3 +12
Henri de Lubac 6 +9
T.F. Torrence 6 +7
Gustavo Gutierrez 6 +6
Hans Frei 3 +5
Rosemary Radford Ruether 3 +0
John Howard Yoder 3 –1
Paul Tillich 6 –5
David Tracy 3 –5
Yves Congar 3 –7
Hans Küng 0 –7
Vladimir Lossky 3 –8
Leonardo Boff 0 –14
John Hick 0 -14
Edward Schillebeeckx 0 –16
Walter Kasper 0 –17
Emil Brunner 0 –25
Gerhard Ebeling 3 –27
Dorothee Sölle 3 –27
Anders Nygren 3 –30
James Cone 0 –32
Sallie McFague 0 –32
Mary Daly 0 –45

In related news an unknown individual dressed in a koala costume has issued a challenge to the winner to come to a real contest in the outback of Australia. The identity of what some are naming a theoterrorist is as of yet unknown. However, Australians have reported several koala shaped blimps near Syndney.

More news as it breaks!

[UPDATE]Partial results have come in and the new matchups are posted!
Balthasar proved to Tracy that a cool name wins the day!
Congar and Boff fought valiantly, but Boff fell to the mighty Congarer!

UP next Jenson is a favourite over McFague, but Sallie will not give up without a fight!
Frei is fighting intensely againt Lossky.
Gutierrez is pitted against Zizioulas.
And heavyweights Küng and Schillebeeckx circle the arena looking for their opportunities to score!

The master stat list will be updated in a few days, updates on current matchups as we get them!


Pontificator said...

That Moltmann now finds himself in the lead position is incomprehensible to me. I agree he is a fun theologian to read, but does anyone really believe he has the substance of a von Balthasar, Rahner, or Pannenberg? Inconceivable!

One of Freedom said...

Wow. I think Moltmann is one of the most profound and important voices to hit theology since Barth. He gets right to the heart of what really matters providing both a stunning critique and bringing us on a journey towards creative solutions. Also Moltmann has the ability to connect with the working theologian (the parishoner). His writing is delightfully dialectic and pops up in the oddest places. This is especially true for folks like me who come from a Pentecostal/Charismatic background and are looking for something we can connect with but takes us deeper than the pop Christianity we are constantly bombarded with (Purpose Driven whatever anyone?).

I know Rahner and Pannenberg are important, but Moltmann outshines them in influence, accessibility and importance. Balthasar I can't comment on, haven't encountered him before this.

Scott Paeth said...

Personally, I'm looking forward to the inevitable Moltmann vs. Pannenberg matchup. Theologian of Hope vs. Theologian of Hope! My money will, of course, be on Moltmann.

One of Freedom said...

I am surprised that this is the most popular of my blog posts - still????

But since then I've spent considerable with the works of Balthasar and Pannenberg. I still think Moltmann outshines them both.