Thursday, June 15, 2006

[THO] WCOMST Continues

Though the contestants are tired they continue to battle on.

Ruether absolutely destroyed Hick to be our first female winner, I am relieved to see the feminist theologians represent.
Despite the intimidation of the Swiss Guards Jüngel managed to put the Bishop of Rome in his place, back in his pontifical chair apparently and perhaps out of this contest.
Boff was unable to buff up his presentation enough to beat Balthasar (I still think his name would make a great Battlestar!).
Congar and Tracy fought well, but eventually Yves Congared Tracy!

Today's matchups prove to be interesting as well.
McFague has thrown into the ring against Eastern contender Lossky, it will be close but I predict a lossky for Lossky.
Frei is attempting to narrate his way around Jenson, currently they are neck and neck as they go head to head in the arena!
The ever popular Küng is fighting hard to hold his ground against the double-Z Zizioulas. Many are hoping he won't forget to use his Küng-pow to deliver the final knock out (Zizioulas will be catching some much needed extra-Zs)!
And it looks like Schillibeeckx hasn't eaten any wheatibeckx this morning as Gutierrez shows him the triumphs of liberation theology!

Keep watching folks, the battles have really just begun!

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