Tuesday, June 13, 2006

[THO] WCoMST tumbles into madness

Sheer madness I tell you! Two venerable warriors entered the pitch, Jürgen Moltmann (my homeboy) and Dorothee Sölle (my homegirl). This will prove a furious battle. Both write with poetic elloquence. Both bring the sometimes esoteric world of theology into the frontlines of life - calling us to really think about what a committment to Christ is all about. Both have excited me with their writings. I look around my room and realize Sölle is absent from my shelves, a few mere chapters sit in a pile of photocopies from my studies. A pang as I realize the need to rectify this as soon as possible. Behind me, always at my back (and often in my bookbag) sits Moltmann. Ahhh, yes this is where my vote has to go. I am deeply sorry Dorothee - see you in glory, I know you are already saving a place for me.

I shift my view over to the other battle of the day, why do Torrence and Cone both make me think of whirlpools. No matter, I am sure they will work it out on their pitch.

[UPDATE] In my Moltmannian frenzy I completely missed that there were games in the other stadium. Who could blame me really. However, these are not light matchups. The ever popular Pannenberger should easily dispatch Ebeling, but you can be sure Ebeling will put up a good fight towards the end. Lubac might have given Rome lots to think about but Rome often has a hyperinflated opinion of itself and its place in Chrissendom. I predict a solid victory for Brunner. Unfortunatly my reporters have yet to return from Australia so please excuse my focus on the main event in the JM vs. DS smackdown arena!

[UPDATE] The match ups this year are intense. Never has there been such ferocious theologizing on the pitch. It is as if all the rules of engagement are thrown out the window as these great men and women have at it on the playing field. Who will emerge as the ultimate 20th Century systematic theologian is anybodies guess.

Our intrepid reporters have returned from Australia, but no sign of that solitary Daly vote. Seems the koalas have been formed into a mercenary army armed only with their trusty outback leatherbound editions of Pure Lust. Let me tell you folks it is not a pretty sight. Almost as ugly as Daly's defeat at the deft hands of Karl Rahner. Oh the humanity of it all!

The lesser of two Niebuhrs made great strides against poker great Scotty Nguyen, uh I am sorry that was Anders Nygren (who was he again?).
Kasper put up a grea fight against Tillich, but midway through the fight Tillich delivered a kidney blow to Kasper which secured him the victory. These fights are nasty folks, just plain nasty.
Gunter and Yoder shot their way out of obscurity, Gunter earned himself the nickname Gunter the Hunter and Yoder became his first prey.

Things continue to heat up on the running games. Moltmann and Pannennberg are both dancing all over their opponents. It is still early folks and anything can happen. Get on over to the shrinkzone to weigh in for your theological favourites!

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