Saturday, June 10, 2006

[LIF] Church Garage Sale

We had a church garage sale today to raise money for the foodbank near where we are meeting as a church. We rose just shy of $330 selling off our old stuff, which is amazing! What was amazing was seeing our community working together to do something good and really having a great time with it. Lots of people were really blessed that we were doing this to raise money for charity – one lady brought us some stuff from her home to sell as well. That was so cool. I was also blessed by the fact that despite the truly miserable weather we had Friday, it was overcast but for the most part dry all morning today. What an awesome answer to prayer. We took lots of pictures so I’ll have to post a few when I get them from Gabriel.


DMofKor said...

Hey Frank,
I just wanted to update you. After you left as we were butting stuff away, another few sales were made which brought us shy ($0.19) of $340.00.

Also, everyone that stuck around after we were done packing expressed that they had a blast. Helen, our English friend, was feeling a little home sick in the department of Fish and Chips. So the bunch of us took her to Joey's Only.

Not only was is awesome that we raised 340.00 for the Ottawa Food Bank but we also connected as a community. New bonds were created and old ones were strenghened.

It truly was a successful day.

One of Freedom said...

Yeah, I had a great time. I was really beat by the end of it though. I couldn't have hoped for better. I'll have to get Caroline to report for our group to the Love Ottawa team. Thanks for hosting!