Wednesday, March 26, 2014


I set my blog as the homepage for my browsers, that way I see how much I'm not posting almost every time I fire one up. It is not that I'm not active online - just not so much here.

This is what I'm up to:

Dungeon World Encounter Cards - soon to be a kickstarter.

Vineyard ThoughtWorks blog - I have a new writer coming on and hope to add a further one as well. But for now I'm doing a lot of the posts.

Canadian Theological Society - We are doing more posting as we ramp up for Congress 2014.

IARCCUM - the Anglican-Roman Catholic dialogues (going back to the 60s) have a new online archive. Right now the work I've done is hidden behind some static pages the webmaster threw up for a presentation. But I've coded a front end that lets you search an ever expanding archive of letters, papers, agreed statements, common declarations, etc. The coding is ready, but we've only scratched the surface of the data resources that will be available there.

My dissertation of course - I just layed out a big section on my eschatological theology of participation. I have big chunks of this section written, it is just shuffling the part around into the right order and then making them all connect nicely. Should have the section done by Monday and then I'll bang out the last section of the penultimate chapter. I should be able to write the concluding chapter by mid-April. It's getting so close I can taste it.