Wednesday, June 14, 2006

[THO] WCoMST brings us Ratz in ze Jüngel

I can almost no longer bear to watch as Moltmann dominates Sölle in the arena. Sölle is ever graceful, but it is just hard to watch. Patrik, seeing our plight, offered up the next set of matches and they look like doozies!

In the main arena we have Jüngel vs. Ratzinger. How fitting a contest that will be. I am torn actually as I disagree with a lot of Ratzinger's stances but he is not a theologian to be taken lightly.
I predict that Rosemary will be our first female winner as she kicks Hick's arse all around the arena. This will be at least one of our most entertaining matchups!
Group Ephrem will be scrapping today with Balthasar vs. Boff and Tracy vs. Congar.

Highlights as soon as yesterday's matchups conclude.

[UPDATE] Both Moltmann and Sölle know a lot about suffering, Sölle has been gracious in the suffering of her loss. What an epic battle!
Torrence blew away Cone while thing just didn't Pann out for Ebeling.
Lubac and Brunner were cheered on to the closest of these matches. But it seems their battle was short lived in our memories as we turn to the epic struggle of Jüngel vs. Ratzinger, everyone wants to know if the Bishop of Rome will survive in the Jüngel! My money says he'll be sent back to Rome with only his Papal title this year.

[UPDATE] The Bishop of Rome is making headway against Jüngel boys early lead. We are in for a fierce heat today folks, it is sure to keep you on the edge of your seats. The Swiss guards have surrounded the pitch and keep staring menacingly at Jüngel which has led to our first allegations of interferance. Surely they would never try anything with the thousands of spectators watching from the stands - hey if you are watching why aren't you voting!

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