Wednesday, June 28, 2006

[FUN] Catholics and Protestants Unite..Please

The debate rages over the impact of modern day ultramontanism in the World Cup of Modern Systematic Theologians. The controversy arose over the posting of links to the contest to several Ratzinger fan sites - yeah I had no idea either. The concern is that Ratziner as Pope Benedict has more traction then he did as Cardinal. I also can't get over that he gave some of my homeboys at Tübingen a hard time! But, that is really just water under the bridge now.

Moltmann took his heat against Congar, despite the Ratz-pack coming in at the last minute to support their Roman brother.
And Ratzinger dominated Gutierrez with the help of his Swiss guard and fans. Also it must have something to do with having much less creepy lips than Gutierrez.

Today two new heats began:
Jenson emerged onto the pitch with Tillich, someone is getting ripped a new one as the battle of the Lutherans begins!
And sporting spiffy well trimmed beards, Gunton and Zizioulas face off.

Looks like Niebuhr will have to accept the things he cannot change as the mighty Jüngel has prevailed.
Rahner showed Torrance what's what in their match, but will he be able to defeat the Jüngel?


byron said...

Frank, once again I can only say thanks for your lovely updates on the Cup.

For some reason your tone reminds me precisely of a guy in my year at college and every time I read your posts I can hear his intonation. It's lovely. I'm sure you're probably very different people, but it helps me imagine your contributions more vividly!

One of Freedom said...

Glad you are enjoying them. I have been having fun doing them, don't count the Koala's out yet. ;-)

byron said...

As an Australian, I know never to turn my back on a Koala...