Saturday, June 17, 2006

[FUN] WCoMST takes the field with a Silent Cry

As we await the results of the day 8 matchups, a new group of brave theologians have entered the pitch.

In the main arena we have Moltmann already delivering the smack-down on Torrence, ouch!
Sölle has emerged onto the field with her silent cry that is sure to crack James' Cone of silence. Definitely there will be a lot of suffering in that area.
Scanning the crowd Sölle seems to have a lot of supporters, is that Joan Chittister with the big "You Go Girl!" placard, yes, I believe it is. And there are more, Fiorenza, Gebera, Eaton, wow a whole crowd has turned out to root for her! Looks like the venerable member of the great cloud of witness has gotten herself a great cloud for the day. Fight well good sister, fight well.

In the second arena we have Pannenberg serving up a bit of Brunner for the crowds.
Lubac and Ebeling seem to be well matched, but with so many heavyweights not many have turned out to see what happens here.

Well it is still anybody's game folks, get over to Patrik's blog and support your favourites.

[UPDATE]Fans roared as Rahner scored the last goal, his cry of "I'll show you mystical!" threw the crowd into a ecstatic uproar that was slightly reminiscent of a Pentecostal youth ralley in full glossilalic steam! Nygren sunk to his knees in defeat and it is rumoured he is on his way to a monastary to recover!
The lesser of the Niebuhrs has proven he isn't the lesser theologian on this battlefield! As it became apparent that Daly was severely beaten twenty crazed koalas descended onto the field. Niebuhr showed his attackers what a Christian strong in the Lord can really do and threw each of them to the ground while literally tearing their leatherbound outback copies of Pure Lust! We have to assume he was just a bit upset that Daly would bring backup. When the dust cleared Daly was nowhere to be seen. In related news a large black and white blimp was seen heading from the arena towards Australia, what could this mean?

On the secondary pitch Gunton trounced Tillich in a suprising upset, and Yoder eliminated Kasper who was booed off the pitch by a concerned group of Anglicans led by Bishop Tom Wright! News is that Rome is not taking this further loss well.


Scott Paeth said...

Nice Moltmann photo!

One of Freedom said...

I stole it from, a really great group.