Friday, June 16, 2006

[THO] WCoMST Daly brings bears!

It is day 7 of the World Cup of Modern Systematic Theologians. The newest contestants have made their way onto the pitch. The lesser Niebuhr stretches as he prepares to face Koala Queen Mary Daly. Niebuhr may be a favourite in this matchup but there is no telling what that angry looking mob of koalas will do if he defeats their queen!
Rahner came onto the pitch swinging, his first blow knocked Nygren right off his feet and he has yet to get back up. It is the oddest sight to see kicking Nygren and yelling “bourgeois this!” This could get messier than the koala bears folks!
Over in group Augustine things are looking downright civilized. Tillich and Gunton seem well matched at this point; Tillich might be a slight favourite in the match.
Yoder faces Kasper who is desperately trying to put his recent comments about the Anglican ordination of female bishops behind him.

As always we will keep you posted.

Küng did not expect the sleeper hold!!!! Zizioulas takes down one of the arguably most recognizable names in theology. What a match!
Gutierrez liberated his victory from Schillebeeckx!
Frei stood around in net telling himself stories while Jenson danced his way to victory!
McFague had a rough go yet again as Lossky more than doubles her score!
McFague was sporting a shirt that says "Rosemary Radical Ruether Rocks!" That's the spirit!


Scott Paeth said...

You know, Frank, there are a lot of ways in which H. Richard was the "lesser" Niebuhr. Though I grant you he was the more sophisticated theologian, as a public ethical thinker, he was often behind the curve, compared to Reinie.

Of course I may be biased, since I was one of the founders of the Niebuhr Society, which is primarily interested in Reinhold Niebuhr, with H. R. beind (alas!) a distant second.

One of Freedom said...

Hey Scott. I am just having a little fun with the statements made over on Patrik's site. To be honest I finally picked up my first Niebuhr, of course is was H. Richard. What is a great place to start with for Reinhold? My key areas of interest are trinitarian theology, ecclesiology, pneumatology and spirituality.

Scott Paeth said...

Ah, well from that angle, he definitely IS the lesser Niebuhr. Strange as it may sound, he doesn't really address ANY of those issues in an explicit or comprehensive way.

The things that Reinie was very strong on were anthropology, the tension between love and justice, the recovery of the doctrine of Original Sin, and the responsibility of Christians in public life.

Where to start? Well, his Magnum Opus is "The Nature and Destiny of Man" (2 vols.). There are a number of shorter works, and you might consider the anthologies put together by Robert McAffee Brown ("The Essential Reinhold Niebuhr") and Larry Rasmussen ("Reinhold Niebuhr: Theologian of Public Life").

One of Freedom said...

I've read Rasmussen, Moral Fragments & Moral Community, what a truly horrible book. I read it for a course otherwise I wouldn't have bothered finishing it. It just went from bleak to bleaker - so frustrating.

R M Brown is a name that keeps coming up, maybe I'll see if I can track down that one.

Scott Paeth said...

I haven't read that book by Larry (I know him slightly, since we've been on panels together. Plus his sister goes to my church and one of his students is a colleague of mine), but I've used his "Earth Community/Earth Ethic" in class, and it's been well received (though I acknowledge not an easy read).

I'm currently reading his book on Bonhoeffer and the theology of resistance. I mentioned that to his sister, who said "It's based on his dissertation." To which I responded "It reads like a disssertation!". Still a very good and insightful book.

I may have to pick up MFMC, though, to see what the approach is. Give Larry another chance, particularly since his main contribution to the anthology is a very good introduction.