Saturday, November 26, 2005

Taken - Holy Crap!

OK as if life is not complicated enough. Rememer the Aussie I mentioned. Yup, turned out he was scamming us. Left us with a $1200 hotel bill, took one of our people for $160 and just all around played on our generosity. Please keep an eye out for an Irish lad travelling in Canada (claimed to be heading to Vancouver next) from Australia. He did make calls to Australia so I am hoping to at least track it back to the last folks he scammed. He went by the name Robert Michaels, claimed his wallet (money, passport, credit cards) were stolen.

You know the money doesn't matter. Sure it sucks, but it is only money. What hurts is that we spent a lot of time (something we don't have a lot of) with him this week. Drove him all over. Shared our lives. Introduced him to our trusting community. And then this. I feel like I lost a friend. I feel deeply sad. (I would understand feeling angry, but anger is the furthest emotion from me). I feel like if he came here I'd want to just hold him and ask why? I want to understand.


Paul W said...


I'm sorry to hear about that mate. I assure you not all Aussies (or Kiwis) are like that! Of course, being out of pocket $CAN1200 on a pastor's wage sucks too.

One of Freedom said...

It was the church that put him up, but it does mean that there won't be enough left to pay me this month. We are not dependant on my wages though so we will get by. It is more the fact that someone could be so convincing - that part is downright scary.