Monday, July 24, 2006

[LIF] Radio Silence...

I might be away from an IP connection for a few days. So in the meantime it is worth checking out a few interesting blog posts:

Desert Pastor has a great post on Shaking off 'Americentrism' which is a worthwhile read. He even mentions my web-friend Len!
Patrik in Finland has an excellent series running on the Eucharist.
Ben's poll on the worst theological invention still garners a heck of a lot more traffic than mine on the best???
And if you really want to keep tabs on me try Dan Wilt's excellent blog, I'm off to Mahone Bay to hang with my Vineyard family!

Don't forget to post your choice for best liturgical invention!


Joshua Ritchie said...

Hey Frank,
How ya been? I saw that you were inquiring as to my "pulling the plug" on my blog. I had my reasons which I'll not get into. But if you send me an email, I'll provide a link to a group blog that I set up. Granted, the other bloggers are not very active...oh well.

Anyway, I'm sure that we may not agree on a lot of things, but that's OK. I enjoy talking through things and staying on my toes.

Email me at if you like and I'll send a link. God bless. -- Josh

One of Freedom said...

I'll email you when I get back to Ontario Joshua. I'm glad you aren't completely disappearing. If I email you from here you won't get the right mail account for me. I treasure those with the ability to dialogue despite differences of oppinion, especially when it is about things as important as we have been discussing. I've enjoyed it too. I really need my ideas challenged in order for them to grow and change. It is too easy to surround myself with only those people who would agree with me and never provide the proverbial sharpening of iron.

Bless you my brother, I'll write you soon.