Tuesday, July 18, 2006

[LIF] Life is Busy

One of my friends once tried to tell me that being busy is a bondage. I tend to agree, but I am not sure what to do about it. Life just gets that way. Especially when you have two kids and a wife, a church to pastor, great friends and hobbies. It seems I get through one busy spell, catch my breath and hit another.

Right now we are preparing for our family vacation and a friend asked me to write and article for Christian Week. How could I turn that down? I also promised to write a new scenario for D&D miniatures before I left, I have a contract to write for them which is a lot of fun but a lot of work. And I am still preparing my liturgy for tomorrow night.

I spent the day at a local gaming store, with my oldest daughter of course, to run games for a D&D club there. Well none of the D&D club showed up but one young guy was interested and played against my daughter. She kicked his butt in Skullrunner, a little scenario I wrote. After that we hung out and played Pokemon, she kicked my butt. I got home and Sharon had made supper for a change, I'm the usual cook in the home and after supper I had a brief chance to read (Volf) while the kids played in the backyard. Sharon was off with her boss negotiating hours for this coming September. I just got the kids down and am free to work but what do I do - yeah I came here to type this up.

Well, best stop dallying. If I don't post as frequently in the next little while it is because I am busy.


DMofKor said...
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DMofKor said...

I fail to see the connection with bondage. I understand that life can be busy and at times decisions need to be made. I've had very busy times in my life. When I look back and forward it is always busy. Balance is the key to life and choosing the things that you are going to juggle will help in the long run. But calling being busy bondage doesn't seem to fit as far as I can see.

One of Freedom said...

It is a bondage in the sense that when you are busy you are bound to the tasks that make you busy. It was our friend Tom BTW, so I in turn didn't mean it to be a negative term, just a way of defining what busyness does to us. I find that most times I'm happy to be busy, but there are times when busyness overtakes me and in those moments I tend to think in terms of bondage. The plus is that as a problem-solver I tend to develop strategies to overcome the tasks that make me busy, which in itself is exhausting work.

Thanks for stopping by Steve!