Sunday, July 09, 2006

[FUN] Huge Koala Blimp heading towards Finland!

Seems that the excitement in Germany over some other World Cup had distracted our infamous Koala villian, but the blimp is back! Must be awaiting the fierce knock-down drag-out fight going on between Von Balthasar and Moltmann. My Molty is looking spiffy tonight! Looks like this is one match that won't need to go to a penalty kick-off. But still what could be up with airship?

As the airship overshadowed the battle arena the crowd was bombarded with a booming slightly femine voice: "Who wins here faces me in Australia or I will reveal the secret of the kiwi fruit to the world!" Thirty minutes of insane laughter followed during which the contestants shrugged and began to match words, thoughts and influence in the ring!

Note supporters of von Balthasar have tried to invoke penalty after penalty, attacking the very questions at stake. It would seem vonB plays like the Italians play soccer! Perhaps he spent time in the Swiss guard, protecting the Pope in the Vatican? It is oh so confusing. Perhaps it is merely that his supporters want to win this one like they won the "other" World Cup!

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