Sunday, July 09, 2006

[LIF] Minidisc Decisions

I am really cued to sound, especially music. I prefer the silence of a library, but end up doing most of my reading in coffee shops or late at night in my house. Unfortunatly that isn't giving me enough reading time, not to mention it makes me tired. Sometimes the coffee shop is too noisy. But I noticed something. It isn't the music, it is the lyrics. I am obsessed with listening to the lyrics! When it is just music then I am fine to read, in fact the pace helps me move along. But as soon as a song is sung I am distracted. Funny I can tune out the conversations of most strangers, but not my family. And I can tune out music, just not lyrics.

So I have an idea. I have a minidisc player and a couple great sets of ear cans! Those headphones that cover your whole ear - I have them from my home music studio. So now I have to programme a couple of these discs for the coming reading year. On one I want fairly contemporary stuff, both need to have consistent sound levels (not a lot of volume modulations) and the contemporary stuff needs to have a decent, but not too fast pace. I'm into everything from Portishead to Folk Rock, but I don't do classical music (sadly bad associations with my past has wrecked my capacity to enjoy classical music).

I want to throw it open to suggestions: Please indicate disc A (contemporary) or disc B (ecclectic). Also please make many suggestions for both. I believe in paying for my music so the more stuff I can get from say buying a compilation CD the better. I'm looking forward to your suggestions.

Thanks in advance!

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