Friday, July 21, 2006

[FUN] Injurius Games

My buddy Jeff and I decided to try out Red Shirt's Injurius Games. So we went splits on some minis and rule books at CanGames. It helps that we know the guys who created this game and we play D&D Miniatures with them. It is quite a different game, kick and fun rules all based on a d12 (that's a 12 sided dice for the uninitiate). I describe it as gladiatorial combat with rocket launchers. The game is played in a 4' X 4' arena divided up in 3" squares (zones). You move your squad of gladiators through home-made terrain (buildings, obstacles, etc.) and try to take out as many other gladiators as you can in 6 rounds. Then you apply your battle honours to make your team stronger, faster and more deadly! Loads of fun for us gamer types.

But you start with nothing. Well a few unpainted miniatures. So far I have 2 squads of IG Legionnaires, 2 squads of Mecks, 1 squad of Space Orx, 1 squad of Reaction Marines, a deathball and 2 painted NRAAVs. I'm including some of the pics so you can see just how much work goes into this game. I now have a pile of terrain bits including a very cool water treatment facility, terrain with an unexploded bomb in it and tonnes of little bits and pieces. I'll soon be done the last few pieces of terrain so that I can clean up my modelling stuff to finally regain my music room.

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