Saturday, July 08, 2006

[DDM] Bahamut Baby!!!

Yesterday I arrived home from the game store with 18 cases of freshly released War of the Dragon Queen Miniatures! OK before you freak, only 3 of them where for me. It was a lot of fun to watch my gamer friends come by and grab their cases. After supper a few of my friends came over to play a sealed event - that is you grab two unopened boosters and make a 500pt warband from the minis inside. I opened my first booster and it was the Aspect of Tiamat, I knew this was going to be fun! Second booster - Aspect of Bahamut! Holy crap I pulled the two fiercest rares in the set! Unfortunately they both don't fit. I had a tough decision so I finally went with Bahamut (pictured) and built my band.

Because of the excitement of people coming by and opening up their boosters we only got to play two games. The first one I decimated Greg's Sorceror on Black Dragon and Tordek band. He really rolled poorly on saves which made the game go really fast! The second matchup was against Jay with his Godslayer band. That was the only piece I was afraid of, it has a major hate on for the Aspects. He managed to confuse both my Fang Dragon and my Nightmare! But in the end I beat him with points. Jay has improved his play considerably, but he has also slowed down his play which I think cost him the game. All in all it was a fun night.

From my three cases, and a little trading, I pulled all the huge minis. I also snagged most of the rares I really wanted including 2 Cadaver Collectors! I need a few more Griffon Calvary but judgeing by how much people wanted them in our group, I might have some difficulty getting more than the one I pulled (first mini I pulled out actually). My girls helped me open the first two cases that afternoon, which was fun. Elyssa thought the Aspect of Tiamat looked so beautiful that she was crying happy tears when she saw it. My wife just thought it looked creepy.

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