Sunday, July 02, 2006

[FUN] WCoMST Continues

Yesterday we saw Rahner take to the field with J�ngel, and only one will emerge victorious. Rahner has been dominating that match, but it's not over until the Finnish man sings!

Not surprisingly Moltmann handily defeated the bishop of Rome. Those Swiss guards were no match for Moltmann's feminist legionnaires, all sporting spiffy bushy eyebrows. Suspiciously absent from that crowd was Mary Daly? In any case they were successful at preventing any violence from breaking out and promptly decided to change their name from legionnaires to "peer support group". Ratzinger took up his mitre and jumped in the awaiting Popecopter, heading towards Rome. Guess he has some business to take care of - we knew he wasn't going to stick around to cheer on Rahner.


Two theologians I know pretty much nothing about are duking it out! Gunton and Jenson (pictured above) - I'm following the comments to see if I can glean anything about them.

Meanwhile Rahner was awarded the victory! Despite the claims that he has led many astray, it seems Rahnger himself knows how to get out of the J�ngel!

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