Friday, July 14, 2006

[LIF] My Pocketbook Does Not Like Kenny!

I found All Books today. All I can say is wow. I managed to get out of there having only spent ~$40. This is what I scored:

The Portable Nietzsche (Viking Edition, the very one I was looking for and for like $8)!
Hegel's Philosophy of Right (Yeah I know, I couldn't remember if this was the one I had and it was. Downer. But it was only $10)
Heidegger Basic Writings (Oh yeah baby! I defintely want the copy of Being and Time they had there but this one sold me as it starts with What is Metaphysics. Yeah I know these are online but a book is so much nicer than a printout)
Beyond Good and Evil (Nietzsche) The one Nietzsche I wanted that isn't in the Portable Reader.

Kenny you need Hegel?


Kenny said...

In my defense, I think I warned you! I'm actually going there tonight with Candace, and I'm sure to drop some dough as well. *Sigh* I'll take $10 Hegel anytime!

One of Freedom said...

You are in luck. The Hegel you want from me was only $5. How's that for a bargoon!