Thursday, July 27, 2006

[LIF] Dose <> Does

I keep seeing this and I'm going to explode if I do not say something. Now my typing isn't perfect, but I am concerned that this is becoming the new spelling? So far I have refrained from jumping on this everytime I see it, especially in gamer newsgroups, but I've had enough. It is time to declare war on something that really matters! The erosion of spelling and literacy!

If not I will be forced to admit Nietzsche was right: "That everyone may learn to read, in the long run corrupts not only writing but also thinking." (Thus Spoke Zarathustra: First Part, On Reading and Writing)


Kenny said...

Frank the Nietzschean pessimist? Lay off the Zarathustra buddy! ;)

One of Freedom said...

Man, Zarathustra rocks! It has to be one of the oddest books I've ever read. Like Quohaleth (Ecclesiastes) on acid! I am thoroughly enjoying punctuating my reading of Volf with the speaches of Zarathustra.

joshuaritchie said...

you know what i hate? i hate it when people don't put capital letters on the first word of their sentences. that really looks lame. how hard is it to really hit that shift button before you type? for me, that's right up there with your typo's concern.

see ya -- Josh

One of Freedom said...

I think that was exactly Nietzsche's point - the more people you have doing something the less it is valued and the less attention to detail that is paid. I agree with you Joshua, the proliferation of the Internet is not an excuse for the degredation of the English language (or any other language for that matter). I understand texting and economy of typing in chats, but when that becomes the norm I think we have lost something.

Now to take Nietzsche to task, my buddy and I were chatting about this turn of phrase and his thought was that the opposite problem is when we consider others unworthy to use language, then we run the risk of removing essential voices. I can't help thinking that this is the 10 million monkeys in a room scenario - they will eventually and accidentally type something worth reading. But I wonder if at that point we will still be reading in the medium the monkeys live?