Monday, July 10, 2006

[FUN] All of Tübingen is celebrating!

Bringing home the victory to Germany it is Jürgen Moltmann! Jubilant crowds could care less about the huge airship darkening the stadium, crowds of theologians, wannabe theologians, liturgicists, feminists, philosophers, scholars and the like are dancing it up on the field. Balthasar gracefully embraced Moltmann with a look of, "we'll have to see about next century!"

No news yet as to the mystery of the kiwi or the huge blimp hovering above the Finnish stadium. Updates to follow!


Scott Paeth said...

Actually, you the funniest thing about this post is the phrase "all of Tübingen," as though that was a huge celebration. It's such a beautiful, but small, university town!

Scott Paeth said...

Duh, that should read "you know, the funniest ..." Grr.

One of Freedom said...

I have gathered a few choice philatelic items from T�bingen to add to my German album. One of my aspirations is to at least visit, if not study, there. I just have a mental image of all these elderly theologs dancing up a storm on the university grounds. Maybe I'm a silly romantic. :-)