Tuesday, July 04, 2006

[FUN] WCoMST Getting down to the wire

Reports of Moltmann practice sparring with Walter Kasper tell us that the upcoming heat against Karl Rahner will prove very, very exciting!

Yes, we have it folks. Moltmann has stepped into the ring with Rahner! This is going to be a matchup that will reverberate through the ages! Moltmann is creatively jabbing at Rahner while Rahner consistently blocks the blows. I think his consistency will be a liability soon, yes, Moltmann has figured out the pattern of Rahner's defense. That mighty blow of influence has Rahner reeling! This is a grand fight folks! a grand fight!

Down on the pitch von Balthasar is still jostling with Pannenberg. Results to follow soon. Pannenberg seems to have taken an injury early on, we'll see how he fares at the end of that matchup.

Towards the end of the match, von Balthasar shouted "take this protestant boy!" as he scored the winning goal!

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