Sunday, September 03, 2006

[THO] The Call: Spiritual Formation

Ok this is one of the more exciting sections. We North Americans tend to want to reduce things to systems, programmes, steps and rules. But the gospel is about story, story that overtakes our own and becomes our story. Yet many Christians don't know that story, they sure and make a point with prooftexts, but they don't know how it all fits together. It is like not seeing the forest because we've got our focus on just a few of the trees, each group has a few different kinds of trees they like looking at best.

Apart from the unneccesary insistance on a Trinitarian narrative, again it is out of place not incorrect, this is one of the better statements of the call. I even appreciate listing some of the ways dropping the narrative (mythical) focus impoverishes our Christianity. But I am concerned that the term catechemunate is not defined adequately. I would like to see that in a simplified form of this call. That term, like others used in this document, is a potential stumbling block for some of the more modern traditions, you know the ones who think they are not 'liturgical'.

One more left to go...then I'll return to our regular series on Worship.

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