Friday, September 01, 2006

[LIF] Updating my Library Thing

In an effort to make my Library Thing actually useful for me this semester, I have decided to beef up my listing. I want to be able to quickly access what books I have at home from the school library and from bookstoring outings. I'm not listing everything, but a lot of the stuff I would look for during the course of the year as well as some that is just plain fun. My library has books that are directly related to my studies (theology, history and philosophy), pastoral work (biblical studies, counselling, spirituality, sexuality), past work in missions (missiology) and other stuff. Some of the stuff is just plain wacky, Pigs in the Parlor anyone? And I am not going to list couple of shelves of commentaries I own, well at least not for now. I find I'm less inclined to pull open a commentary these days, at least until I've wrestled with the text myself for a while then it is good to see if I'm completely out to lunch or not. Oh and that set of bible encycolpedias my wife picked up from a yard sale, yeah not going to list those. Nor am I listing the obligatory Strongs, Youngs, Crudens and Smiths of my library (how many Smith's Bible Dictionaries can one man need anyway?). But all in all this should be helpful for my research efforts this year.

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