Saturday, September 02, 2006

[THO] The Call: Theological Reflection

This is where Trinity belongs, but instead we are given what I think is an overly ambitious statement. It is in no way clear what we are called to as "the tradition that has been believed everywhere, always and by all". The appeal to the early Church Fathers is a bit romantic for reality, anyone who has tried to find concensus in the Patristics should know this. Part of the appeal is that in its earliest forms Christianity was a wrestling theology, one wrestled with theology as the theology wrestled with you. There is a dynamic relationship that defies being reduced to a lowest common denominator.

Also I am uncomfortable with the unqualified attack on modern theology. I suppose, if I had to guess, that this statement would like to see the creedal faith a serious part of theological reflection. Also I kind of get the sense that they would like to bridge the gulf between acadamia and litugia, great but they don't say that directly and I could be reading my own heart into the statement. Perhaps the problem, once again, is that we have tried to overcomplicate this section of the call and not brought forward a single clear thought that the reader can latch onto and run with.

These statements do get better, one of the best ones is coming up next.

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