Friday, September 01, 2006

[FUN] Blogday???

Wow, I didn't know it was a blogoliday! Thanks for the heads up Kenny!

Hmmm. Who to tag, who to tag.

OK I've never tagged anyone before so my regular reads are all fair game.

1. I love CT's blog, especially the funny bits. This is one of the few blogs I check multiple times a day!
2. Danny has a great heart for his ministry, which comes through in his posts.
3. I stumbled on Pentecostals doing theology and am really impressed, WTG Shane and crew.
4. Tim has the best blog name!
5. Joe and I like to spar with his weekly throw downs, I still don't get it but I like that he doesn't think the same way as I do.

Man, I could say lots of great things about all the blogs I frequent. There is a list to the right, give some of them a try sometime.

Happy Blog Day!

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Chris Tilling said...

Thanks for this link, Frank, and the friendly comment! Just noticed ...