Wednesday, August 09, 2006

[THO] Worship Interlude

Sometimes you need to step back and give some shape to a project in order for it to remain meaningful. As I wrote the last post on Worship (Worship III) I knew that I was trying to interact with the comments but also I was holding on to the tail of a fish that threatened to swim away. So in this interlude I just want to collect some thoughts and set a bit of trajectory for my series. Let’s see where this gets us and if at the end the fish still wants to play we can all hang on together for the ride!

Worship IV.IWorship IV.II – Elements and Appropriateness
  • I want to focus on some common elements and how they can help/hinder worship.

  • Worship V – Busting our own Liturgical Bubbles
  • I want to talk about how we can appreciate beyond our preferences taking some hints from Sam I Am.

  • Worship VI – Anatomy of a Worship Service
  • I want to jump back to the service I so love and look at how the parts function together.

  • Worship VII – Worshipaholic
  • I want to talk about the value of worship to the worshipper, this could get tricky.

  • Worship VIII – A Heart of Worship
  • I want to reflect on my own history of worship.

  • Worship IX – Theology of Worship
  • I want to develop the notion of worship theologically; I will probably need a few posts for this one and who knows how fast this fish might start swimming.

  • [EDIT] I'm adding links to the various sections. The start of this series can be found here. Each article will link to the next.

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