Sunday, August 06, 2006

[LIF] Approaching Montreal...

About this time tomorrow we should be approaching Montreal. Our time in the Maritimes is coming to an end. It has been a good vacation, the Vineyard National Gathering was absolutely awesome! Especially the party at Graves Island (thanks Larry!). But the whole thing was tiring, so back in Truro we ended up just worn out trying to make the rounds of old friends and family. Lots of people got missed and even a few planned times cancelled (sorry Gerard and Darlene). We are really looking forward to getting back to our blooming garden and life as usual for the Emanuel family. I'll likely post a few pics when we return as well. I realized that we took very few photos all National Gathering??? We were busy with God stuff. We had the privilege of praying with a guy named Dave who had a heel replacement 15 years ago and had lived with constant pain all those years. He was completely healed and we saw him again at church this morning just beaming with God's love. He also gave up smoking last week and is still going strong! Just seeing that alone was worth the trip and still God did more in our hearts than just that. For me it was a time of God breaking my heart over my own pride, I get the feeling we are getting ready for something new in our lives as we head back to Ottawa and our fellowship of Freedom Vineyard.

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