Thursday, August 24, 2006

[LIF] Not Worship IV.II

Sorry, I'm still working on this one. Seems like I have only brief splashes on the computer this week. But I do have some news. How about a 1 year MTh news! Oh yeah. I was in to talk to the head of the Theology Department, still trying to line up my ducks for a PhD. Their MTh is a single year and is basically set up to see if you are ready to do a PhD! No Thesis just a 40-60 page paper and research courses. And it's pretty durn cheap compared to what I've been looking at! What's the catch you might be thinking. Non parle vous francais. Yup I need to get my arse in gear and learn french! Fortunately I have lots of french speaking friends to help and went to Chapters to pick up "French: The Easy Way" and a series of audio CDs for my van. Yup, that will be me repeating gay phrases in french at the red light, no I am not talking to anyone and yes I am probably disturbed. :-)

Also I couldn't resist my favourite local used bookstore, no french aids but a cheap copy of Bede's 'History of the English Church and People' and for $6 'The Oxford Companion to Philosophy'! Snap!

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