Thursday, August 31, 2006

[DDM] Warlords of Meldore

For those of you wondering, yes this is my famous Warlords of the Fallen Gong. The storyline is the same, only the name has changed. I am very excited to get this one published, I've been running it almost as long as I have been playing D&D miniatures! I have very fond memories of the first time we ran it, starting at noon on New Years day and ending some blurry time after 3AM! Intense. I still have the golden gravehound with the certificate for "Most Jovial" player. Steve took the Golden Snig that year. Good times, good times.

For those of you who have played it you will note that the final battle is missing, yup, this version in con friendly. No worries I'll get the rules for an uber battle out there soon. In fact my next project is for 3-4 players and has the nasty name of Assassin. Stay tuned.


BunnyPuncher said...

Looks like a fun mini-campaign.

We'll try to run it this week some time and let you know how it goes.

Keep up the good work man.

One of Freedom said...

Hey BP what happened with All Goods? Did that get resolved yet or are you doing DCI in the home?

BunnyPuncher said...

We had to take the group independant... so DCI is at home now and we are trying to figure out our role in the community now. We're discussing some ideas and viewing the break up as an opportunity. Not likely to ever be too close to a single store again. I can hook you up with our new forum url if you would like. I know the fellas would like to see ya.

One of Freedom said...

For sure. I make it down that way from time to time so I'd like to keep up on games in the area.

BTW I haven't forgotten about your pic. I've just not had a good opportunity to photograph it.

I'm running Assassin tonight with our regular crew, should see that on the Wizards boards in a few weeks. I think it is one of my best.

BunnyPuncher said...

Cheers. Hope to see you there.

David Big Mac Shepheard said...

Hi. I just stumbled onto the D&D Miniatures Scenario Archive and was surprised to see what looks like parts of a campaign setting in some of the scenarios.

I've written about the DDM Scenario Archive, and your blog, at the Other Worlds forum at The Piazza.

I know that DDM is different to Chainmail. (I know, for example that the equicephs in DDM are alive, while in Chainmail they were undead.) I know that Chainmail was set on the same world as Greyhawk. I'm trying to work out if the elements in the DDM scenarios mean that there was a campaign setting for DDM too.

Was Meldore something you invented (maybe for your World of Rathbone setting)? Or did you add this from some sort of handout or book that gave a briefing on a DDM world?

One of Freedom said...

Thanks David. This scenario was envisioned as a stand alone setting. Basically I wanted some sort of structure for gladiatorial combat with the opportunity to improve your squads over time. The original concept for the setting was called the Warlords of the Fallen Gong, and had a back story about an arena carved by a giant gong falling to the earth. WotC thought wisely that the name might not be so kosher. I haven't run DDM in quite a while. We seem to go at these things in seasons - currently we've just wrapped up a long season of playing 4th ed campaigns (one in Rathbone) and are playing more story driven games right now: Dungeon World, Fiasco, and Call of Cthulhu. I'm working on a RPG version of Red Shirt games Injurius setting (officially with the Red Shirt guys) which will likely lead to a season of playing campaigns set in that world. I'm going to go look at what you've written. Thanks again.