Monday, August 21, 2006

[LIF] Books!

Today I went out to pick up a little present for Kenny. I bought Hegel's Lectures on the Philosophy of Religion for myself the other day and knew there was another copy. I figured I'd take a run around and see if by some chance there was a copy of Trinity and the Kingdom around, but alas I have yet to see Moltmann in a bookstore in Ottawa. Anyway, I had in my head what I would write in a book for Kenny and I never really know what to write in cards let alone books and I am sure he'll appreciate this text. His gal Candace threw a surprise party tonight so I had a nice chance to give it to him.

Speaking of books, I am so excited that I won a copy of Ray Anderson’s "Emergent Theology for Emerging Churches" over on Ben Myer's Blog. He ran a contest and apparently I won with the most interesting comment and Byron won for the most entertaining, his is really quite cute. Sweet!

One good book story deserves another, so this is what I found on my outing to get Kenny's book.

  • Myth and Christianity - Karl Jaspers and Rudolf Bultmann (just looked fascinating)

  • The Symbolism of Evil - Paul Ricoeur (This one was not cheap, but one of the Ricoeur texts I've really wanted!)

  • Outlines of the History of Dogma - Adolf Harnack (I got mixed up once and told someone I owned Harnack but really meant A. H. Newmann, I was thinking history... so now I legitimately own Harnack just not the text he outlines - someday maybe)

  • Paul: Follower of Jesus or Founder of Christianity? - David Wenham (I'm hoping to do a course next semester on Pauline literature and there was some things that popped out at me thumbing through)

I think I did well. Next book purchase will be my texts for the year. I meet with someone from the St. Paul Theology department Wednesday to see about grad work possibilities there, if I have to do a masters first then I probably should know my options there.


knsheppard said...

Frank! Thank so much for stopping by and for the awesome Hegel. I really hope we get the chance to chew over his stuff one day. Don't have much time to write, but all the best on your coming year and further studies. God bless you and all your reading adventures!

One of Freedom said...

There is always online my friend. You have a great trip and I'll be expecting great things for and from you.