Wednesday, August 16, 2006

[LIF] Grad Schools

I am in the process of trying to figure out what I'm doing after my BTh is done. I've had some great talks and begun to put out feelers at St. Andrews (Scotland). Ideally I would like to do a remote PhD in either systematic or liturgical theology (actually a combination of both). St. Andrews has Ian Bradley whom I know from Celtic studies. And I've been web surfing a number of other Universities in the UK, US and Canada. Because I want to focus on research I am biased towards remote work and I would prefer to move right to a doctorial programme. I know there are readers here from a variety of Universities, where would you suggest I also investigate? What professors do you think I would resonate well with? Thanks.


Chris Tilling said...

Come to Germany!

One of Freedom said...

I would love to Chris. But nien sprechen ze deutch. I will work on that though wherever I land. I was hoping to get into a German class at Ottawa U this semester but is seems to only be offered in francais. :-( I have been trying to figure out the Tübingen website as I am a HUGE Moltmann fan! Actually I've been meaning to email you for info about your university and how an anglophone Canuck might fit in. My wife said if I go to Germany the whole family will come. Not sure how that will work financially but she did her Bible College in Germany and loved it there.

kenny said...

You know my approach Frank. Pick a few "dream" schools, a few good schools you'd be satisfied with, and a few as last chance options. That way you've got your options covered. Also, the primary factors must be funds and availability. So, Yale, to the best of my knowledge, has good scholarships. There's no sense getting accepted to Oxford, say, if there's no chance of funds. If any specific schools come to mind, I'll email you, but you probably already know schools better than me for what you're hoping to do. Good luck!

Tim Kantel said...

Hey Frank,

Don't delete me but I'm going to throw out Regent University in Virginia as an option you should check out. I know it's Pat Robertson's school but here's my reasons for suggesting you check them out.

- They specialize in distance education programs. My Mom did her M.A. there and didn't have to go to the school at all. My Dad is close to finishing his D.Min. there and does have to travel there twice a year but that's not too bad.

- I don't know specifics on their Ph.D courses but I know my Dad has enjoyed 95% of his classes there and as you know he doesn't exactly fit the Conservative Christian profile that you might expect there.

- I'm pretty sure they're one of the most recognized grad schools in the least they're one of the most heavily endowed which means access to good resources and great profs.

Just my $0.02. If you wanted to I could pass you my Dad's e-mail if you wanted to ask him any questions about his experience. E-mail me if you're interested...I wish SSU could help you. Maybe some day.


One of Freedom said...

Tim, I did look at them online but nothing jumped out at me. I think I am going to look at Yale as well, but that would likely require a relocate for the degree. St. Andrews has two remote programmes cancelled and I can't find a remote PhD in theology on their site. I see a lot of DMin and DDiv - not sure if that is what I'm looking for. I'll give Regent here and there a surf for sure.

Thom said...

If memory serves, Regent and the College of William and Mary have a share and share alike program. May want to check and see if my memory is correct.