Saturday, August 19, 2006

[LIF] What's Going On

Been really busy this week. Lots of things on the go as I get ready for the coming semester. I was in tweaking my courses and I set up an appointment to see about grad work at St. Paul. We were talking about me doing a remote programme but some of the ones I have checked into still require too much onsite work for us to do as a family. That's a bit frustrating but actually it is very hard to consider relocating for school. First Sharon wouldn't be able to work, second the kids would get uprooted from school and community and third our church still needs us. So barring God telling us to go to a specific school a remote degree is the only option. I am seriously considering doing some writing on my own though, I think it would be be good for me and it would help me later on. I have a new DDM scenario published (see the sidebar) and an article accepted for publication in the next Christian Week. I'm hoping to continue my Worship series early next week, how are you enjoying it?


Hoshea said...

I'll be out of town for a few days on vacation. Look forward to chatting more when I get back.

God bless with your schooling situtation.

One of Freedom said...

Thanks Joshua. I'll pray that God will send you many divine appointments over your holidays. I know I always love it when that happens to me. Have a great vacation!