Thursday, August 10, 2006

[LIF] More Books

I decided to visit the local used-book store on my way home from getting groceries. Just yesterday I took the Eucharistic Theology quiz from Patrik's blog only to discover I am something like 77% in agreement with Calvin on the Eucharist? I had no clue what Calvin thought about the Eucharist so was I ever delighted to see in the bookstore Janz's "A Reformation Reader" which has Calvin's own words about the Lord's Supper (p.278ff). So I snagged that puppy and went looking for more treasures. Borg's "The Heart of Christianity" was there for the taking, so I did. I approach Brog with fear and trepidation having heard mixed reviews - I think my biggest fear is that I will really like him. I needed to get out of that section but couldn't resist getting my own copy of Plato's "Republic" as I left. I have wanted to read "The Brother's Karamazou" for ages now, it wasn't there but I felt I should pick up "Crime and Punishment" so that I can get my feet wet with Dostoyevsky. The brothers will have to wait until my next outing. I think I did pretty good this time, you never know what treasures await you in a used-book store.

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