Sunday, April 02, 2006

An Evening with Steve Bell

Ok many of you know already that I am not a big fan of "Christian" music. So even though I had heard a lot about Steve Bell from good friends I haven't gone out of my way to hear him and I wouldn't really think of going to a concert of his. My friend Doug came into town this week and dropped two tickets for Steve's Dinner with Bruce tour (I had no idea what that meant). It just happened to be a night that worked out for us! So not wanting to miss an opportunity to take my wife somewheres nice (without the kids, much as I love em) we got a sitter and headed out to the concert.

Let me tell you I was pleasantly surprised. Steve is an excellent musician and his band was really, really good. So as a musician I was happy right there. But it got better. The Bruce turned out to be Bruce Cockburn! He did a lot of excellent covers that night – man that was awesome. And even better Steve was a great storyteller, and he wasn’t doing some weird expected Christianese preaching crap – he was just talking about his life and relating to us in song. Part of what I don’t like about Christian concerts are folks that are so utilitarian in their presentation that it is painful and there is no way I would want to submit a non-Christian to that – but you know I’d take a non-Christian to see Steve any day now!

Don’t get me wrong, we love having artists who are Christian come and share their gifts with us. We’ve run quite a few livingroom concerts (in fact we have Andrew Smith (Smith, Funk & Strauss fame) coming April 30th, only $10/person if you want to come!) and they are awesome. Steve was very much like the livingroom experiences we’ve had. Down to earth and real.

Thanks Steve, we had a great night with you. BTW Sharon picked up Diana Pops album, Diana really touched her.

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