Monday, April 24, 2006

Exam is done!

I am heading to the school in a few minutes. So good to be finished. My wife might do a quick edit of my last piece, but it is only a single page on what I got out of the course. Questions like that are there to give you free points. I'll blog more properly about the American Revolution piece because it seems to have generated a lot of interest. But I also looked at the impact of the Enlightenment on Christianity as well as the legacy of the Contemporary Church history period on my own tradition - the Vineyard. That is a bit of a challenge because our movement is rather young. But I basically traced the values of the Vineyard through the period talking about the traditions that they either reacted to or were influenced by. The Vineyard is interesting as it both embraces and resists aspects of the reasonable Enlightenment church and the Pietist affective Church. In any case it is really good to be done.

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