Thursday, April 27, 2006

My Awesome Daughter

Sometimes kids do amazing things. My oldest daughter just blew us away with a spontaneous act of generosity. One of her classmates, she is in Senior Kindergarten, had lost his pencil box. That is pretty important for a six year old. She was asked to share hers with him at school which it sounded like she enjoyed doing. When she got home she asked if she could use her money to buy him a new one. I came into the kitchen as her mom was helping her count out the change. This little plastic box would cost almost all of the $5 she counted out. We went to the store after swimming lessons, she was insistent, and bought one with a blue top – she knew this was his favourite colour. I bought a pack of coloured pencils and we put them and a sharpener into the box. The next morning her mom helped her rubber stamp a nice label with his name on it, and off she went to school.

We sent along a note, one for the teacher and one for the parents of this boy. But in her excitement my daughter forgot to give the notes to her teacher. But boy was the little boy happy. Sharon was going into the school to read to the kids that afternoon and when she got there the teacher thanked her, but my wife was quick to point out this was my daughter’s initiative. My little girl told us that she just wanted to show the boy that she was a really good friend. I am so proud she has such a generous heart.


Anonymous said...

That's a great story!

I'll share you one about my daughter. At her birthday party last year (she turned 9), she asked everyone to bring a donation for the food bank at our church in-lieu of a present. Like your daughter, the idea was entirely hers! Awesome!

We can learn so much from our kids...

One of Freedom said...

Kids sure do some amazing things. I agree we have tonnes to learn from them.