Monday, March 27, 2006

Two Very Late Nights Later

Boy am I tired. Elyssa came into my room this AM and announced she wasn't going to stop talking until I went down and played Pokemon with her. I showed her how to play gameboy games in the SNES (kicking it old school, those games are much easier for young kids to manage). I obliged but let me tell you I was dragging my butt!

Last night at 3AM I finished my first draft of the paper due on Tuesday. My wonderful wife is proofing it as I type. I am pretty sure I've exhausted my text though - at least exhausted it from a narrative analysis perspective. It was the Johannine Anointing at Bethany text which is really quite rich when you dig into it. It challenged me on what was important in worship as well as how we judge the actions of others in worship. Some of what is powerful about the text is what is suspiciously absent (like anyone else defending Mary).

We farmed off Chelsea to the neighbour (she has a 3 year old at home as well) and Elyssa is in school for the afternoon. It is time to re-assemble our house after a brutal marathon of paper writing.

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