Friday, March 03, 2006

Sweet, Sweet Mini Love

War Drums is here!!!!

Picked up my case at 11AM, bought a single Starter too, so I would have a chance to review the maps. Overall this is a great set, I think Underdark set the bar a bit too high, but not every set will shine in the same way. Here is the breakdown for the number cruchers:

WarTroll Boxes (4)
Arcane Ballista (meh), Axe Soldier (nice), Combat Medic (better than the preview which looked like one of Santa's helpers), Sacred Watcher (Very nice), Sand Giant, 2X Shieldwall soldier (nice), warforged body guard, warforged captain, 2X warforged scout (this thing is tiny), 2X warpriest of Moradin, halfling slinger (nice), hunting cougar (meh), lion of talisid (I don't really like the paint job on this one), wood elf ranger (ncie), aspect of Hextor (impressive), goblin blackblade (nice and skirmish potential), hobgoblin archer, large duergar (nice), skeletal Legionnaire (best skeleton yet!), terror wight (oh yeah baby, love that one), blood host berserker (very nice), derro (who is that guy's barber?), frost dwarf (very nice), horde zombie (nice), howling orc (orcs, yawn - this one is a bit creepy), king obould many-arrows (has no ranged attack despite the name???), orc mauler, quaggoth slave, torglodyte thug (nice).

Hextor Boxes (4)
Arcanix Guard, Combat Medic, Elemental Wall (ok), Sacred Watcher, Brass Samurai (nice), halfling slinger, hunting cougar, lion of talisid, Mephling pyromancer (one was kissing the ground), Steelheart Archer (very nice), wood elf ranger (ncie), flameskull (too bad I only got one, this little guy rocks!), 2X goblin blackblade, goblin underboss (ohhhh so sweet!), hobgoblin archer, large duergar, 2X skeletal Legionnaire (still the best skeleton yet!), terror wight, war troll (wow!), chimera (one of the best skulpts in the set), derro, hill giant barbarian (very nice), hill giant chieftain (he's going to rip his own belly open with that belt???), horde zombie, howling orc, orc mauler, orc wardrummer (why is this a rare?), quaggoth slave, tiefling blademaster (nice), torglodyte thug.

Warpriest Boxes (4)
2X Arcanix Guard, 2X Axe Soldier (oh I like this one), Elemental Wall, Shieldwall Soldier, Warforged Bodyguard, Brass Samurai, halfling slinger, hunting cougar, Mephling pyromancer, Steelheart Archer (very nice), wemic barbarian (very nice), wood elf ranger, goblin underboss, hobgoblin archer, inspired lieutenant (nice), karnathi zombie (this is a sweet zombie!), Khumat (great sculpt but I don't need 2), terror wight, blood ghost berserker, derro, fiendish girallon (always thought this was a silly monster), frost dwarf (so cool!), horde zombie, howling orc, ogre war hulk (better than I expected), orc mauler, quaggoth slave, tiefling blademaster, torglodyte thug, warduke (that is one big person! nice mini).

Starter (1)
Khumat, Sacred Watcher, Fiendish Girallon, Tiefling blademaster, Arcanix guard, halfling slinger, woodelf ranger, skeleton legionnaire, derro, howling ord (still creepy), orc mauler, torglodyte thug.

Tomorrow we head to Montreal for the Release tournament. Should be an awesome day of gaming. There are eight of us travelling from Ottawa for the event! Last I heard there were 47 registered. Should be a massive day of battle!

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