Sunday, March 05, 2006

DDM in Montreal

50 people showed up to throw down on the battle maps! What an awesome turnout - WTG JM aka Blackguard! There are details on Blackguard's forum. I managed to go 4-2 in the swiss rounds! Not bad as everyone scoffed at my choice of Snig in my band.

The two rares I pulled were Snig and Dragon Totem Hero (one I was not familiar with). I also pulled a Brass Samurai which is a must in this format (even though I only set up whirlwind once - these folks were good). I had no really good hitters so I needed Snig's speed to get terrain points if my cougar couldn't get there in time. That cougar is worth it's weight in gold!

I tried to max out my band with two shield wall soldiers to block. A Hobgoblin archer courtesy of Snig. A quaggoth slave which is definitely worth the points! And finally a frost dwarf (one of my favourite minis in the set, too bad it is CE a faction I almost never play), which is a decent hitter with 40 hp. I always like to have more activations and it paid off.

I did the best on the Dragon shrine map, each time I ended up on the fire resist side, and the one time I faced a meph pyro I scooted the cougar off to get acid resistance and tile points for my band. That worked really well. I did the worst on the broken demongate map (which ironically is the one I chose - took me so long to build my band that I picked my map in too much of a hurry). I really kicked butt on the teleport map - so sweet. I routed a Warbound impaler to clench the game.

I faced several Hill Giant bands and the Hill Giants didn't perform as well as I would have expected. The Combat medic was worth it's weight in gold though. I so deliberated over putting her in my party, in retrospect I probably should have. Once combat gets heavy though it is hard to fire off a sacred healing and not help out the enemy as well. Snig was great for charging and his ride by attack meant I almost always got to hit an enemy each turn. Where did his ranged attack go? My hobgoblin archer (free with snig) managed to consistantly knock 5 or 10 points of the enemy (I rolled at least 3 crits with him).

All in all it was a long but extremely fun day.

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