Thursday, March 16, 2006

Wizard's Finally published a scenario!

I have my first official DDM scenario up on the Wizards of the Coast website! So cool. I started going after this about a year ago, so it is very nice to reach my goal. I even have a contract to write more scenarios for them.

On the CanGames front, we are starting to get some of the ducks lined up for the games. Prizes and trophies, that is going to be very very cool. I left two slots without DDM because I had heard another group wanted to run DDM as well (three groups running DDM when we started only last year there! That is awesome.) I'm sure we'll have some pickup games in there if they are a no show though.

My paper on Zinzendorf was handed in yesterday. What a monster to research. It seems like the people God chooses are often pretty wacky. Part of that is being unable to completely think in the context in which Zinzendorf arrives on the scene. That is an issue with anyone studying history. I'm just glad that one is done, I hope I do well on the paper.


DMofKor said...

Congratulations on all those fronts. I look forward to reading about your scenario on teh Wizards page. CanGames sound like it will be fun again. As for the paper, I guess it is always good to have one of those done, not that I cn remember that far ;-)

One of Freedom said...

I enjoyed reading about early 18th century Lutheran Pietism. A lot of Zinzendorf's greatest strenghts were also his greatest weaknesses, things like his view of the Church, his passionate spirituality, etc. I kept thinking God indeed chooses the foolish things to shame the wise.