Thursday, March 09, 2006

Paper Crunch

Still working on my Zinzendorf paper for next week. I have exactly one week to finish it - the outline is good and I've got my intro banged out. But each time I dig in I just want to grab some more context. History work is like that for me - I never feel adequately prepared for the job. I'm sure it will be ok though, I like the subject. I am hoping to use one story of the young Zinzendorf to frame all of the rest of the paper. It is an incident when he is 8 years old and the ideas of the "athiests" are trying to overtake his mind. It has a lot of potential. I've read so much that I can't remember which source had the first version of that story, doh! I'll find it though.

Kinship was really great tonight. We had some folks drop in, it is always nice to have someone new in the mix. I've also found out that there are some more people planning to come hang out with us - that is exciting. It has been slower to build momentum in this new location.

Better get back to work.


DMofKor said...

Do tell of these other people ..

One of Freedom said...

Sent you an email.

DMofKor said...

Read it