Monday, June 20, 2005

Refreshing the Hearts of the Saints

Met with some fellow Kingdom labourers today, it was good. I love to hear the stories of what God is doing through His communities throughout the city. And to tell the stories of what God is doing with us. I heard the stories of how one community is resisting the urge to speed ahead, to patiently wait for what God really wants to do. I am encouraged to do the same - we have done a lot of speeding in the last couple of years. I heard about how another community is struggling with the corporate chaos of their demanding denomination, but that there is light as a blooming value for autonomy breaks the horizon. Then we went back to their sanctuary where the most beautiful of art blasted my senses! One of the art pieces was created by the kids as an offering to God. My eyes kept being drawn to this one somewhat abstract patch that looked like a stuffed cat - then next to it a purple stuffed hampster and above that a pink stuffed elephant. These kids were offering their most prized possessions to God - their stuffed animals. Maybe it was just me, maybe it is because my daughter has a stuffed cat named Peanuts who is her most prized possession ever, but that touched me deep inside. All I can say to my great friends is - thanks!

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