Monday, January 09, 2006

You know you are getting old when...

I thought for sure I signed up for two first year (300 level) courses. Oh well. I have a 4th year scripture course (Johannine Literature) and a 300 level history (Contemporary Church 1650-present). I already had my first history class and it should be very good. But I am approaching my scripture class with fear and trepidation! First I don't know the professor other than to have heard he is strict (whatever that means). Second, I didn't expect a textbook - so finding a $122 book assigned to the course was a bit of a surprise. Resseguie's "The Strange Gospel: Narrative Design & Point of View in John", for $122 it better be very good. Well I will find out in the morning.

Had an email conversation with a King Jimmy only character. Why do those folks find me on the web? It takes me forever to write them because I have to constantly check my sarcasm when writing them (I write a sentence then erase it and write it more polite). And the inevitable end comes when they tell me I'm bound for the wrath of God because of whatever idiotic pet dogma they have banked their life upon. Why am I such a nice guy? Oh well, at least this one hasn't dragged on before the inevitable - one before this was brutal and went on forever.

Well Sharon is ready to put the tree away. Got to run.

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