Tuesday, January 17, 2006

I have hope today

I actually drove up a street that had only one Conservative sign on a lawn - the rest were predominantly NDP and Green Party with the odd Liberal sign thrown in. So much more refreshing than the awful sea of blue I live in. Also I got to hang out with my good friend Joseph, what could be better than that!


Anonymous said...

Oh Come on Frank, You know that blue is the color of the future.


One of Freedom said...

Just so long as it isn't accompanied with Red and White, Stars and Stripes, then I'll live with it.

Right now I'm really hoping for another minority government because I don't see any clear good choices in my area. It all comes down to picking the devil you most want to live with for then next 3 years - sorry Harper you are one devil I would rather not have to live with.

Andy said...

aah...Canadian politics! How I miss the fun! Bless those dudes seeking to solve the world's problems without God at the centre of their efforts!

One of Freedom said...

It is really interesting the role that religion is playing in this election. I think the Christian Right is fairly well represented, the the Christian Left is not. Folks like me who feel they are Christian Middle have nowhere to turn.

The other thing that I keep hearing that really irks me is this idea of a wasted vote. As if not voting for the person who will win is a waste. I am shocked at how many people buy that logic, it is no wonder there is little incentive to create a real alternative government. The only real wasted vote is the one left unsaid (that includes voting from peer pressure).